Shipping Has Been Finalized

I’ve sorted out shipping for the bikes, and they’ll be on a truck in early July so that they’re ready to go for us out in St. John’s, NL on July 16th. It’s definitely not cheap, but regardless it’s for a good cause so I’m ok with the cost.

Now, it’s time to sort out flights. Searching right now, it looks like there are two options. Leave Edmonton early in the morning on the 16th, and arrive in Newfoundland late at night, or take the red eye and get there in the morning of the 17th. Both have benefits… I’ll keep checking to see if new flights are added or if the prices change.

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2 Responses to Shipping Has Been Finalized

  1. Jim Marsh says:

    Great trip! You need a ‘comtact me’ button so we can reach you. I’m with the Durham Region MS Society in Whitby, Ont. Are you coming through here and stopping in Toronto on your way thru? (You should do) Drop me an email so we can plan some media events.
    Jim Marsh

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Jim! I’ve just added a contact form. Just quickly looking at the map, it looks like there is a possibility that we’ll be going through there. The route hasn’t been finalize yet, but should be shortly!

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