Route Planning: Not-So-Rough Draft #2

Ok I’ve tweaked the route quite a bit from what I had last time, and I think that this will work out better. Going to be in the bigger cities on nights when hopefully we can get together with the local MS Society chapters. The distance is about 500km shorter on this plan, but it still covers off everything nicely. The links below will bring up google maps with the route. Google broke it into 3 parts…

Total Distance: 11,940km

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8 Responses to Route Planning: Not-So-Rough Draft #2

  1. Vincent Buhaj says:

    Hi chris,
    My name is Vincent I was diagnosed with MS 13 years are. I have relapse remission MS. I am extatic that you are doig this ride. It means a lot to those with MS, So many people dont know the troubles we go trough and I am glad that someone out there cares enough to give their time and energy to help us find the strength to puch forward in our day to day lives. I have been forced out of jobs and lost many girlfriends because of my MS and then not caring to find out what it’s about. With you doing this ride it shows that there are some good people out there. I would like to shake your hand when you come to Calgary and give you a heart filled thank you when or if I get the chance to meet you!!

    Greatfully your friend

    • Chris says:

      Vincent, thank you for your kind message. I will be in Calgary on August 7th, and when I know what’s going to be happening there I’ll be sure to post an update on the website. Do you have any recommendations for what might be good in Calgary?

  2. Hi Chris,
    I love to hear when family members like you take the initiative to raise money for the MS Society of Canada. Good luck and keep the rubber side down.

  3. Laurie Wood says:

    Hello Chris, thank you so much for doing this ride.I am a member of the Motorcycle Ride for Dad team Kingston-Quinte(fight against prostate cancer). I also have M.S and my friends and the MRFD team will be there to support you. Ride safe my friend.

  4. Karen Murphy says:

    I was dxd in 1999. Thanks so much for doing this. I live in the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia area about three hours away from Halifax. It would have been so great to see you down this way but I know you have to make the best route you can. Best of luck and be safe.

    • Chris says:

      Yes it would have been great to make it down to Yarmouth, but unfortunately I don’t think that we’ll have time to dip down that far as we are going to Charlottetown once we leave Halifax. Thanks and we will be safe! :)

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