Route Planning: Rough Draft #1

I’ve thrown together the first rough draft of the route, which will likely be modified as I look at it more. Right now I’ve just picked a basic route, and I’ll tweak it after discussing with dad and a few others who’s input I value. As the route stands, its 12136km give or take a bit. Anyway, have a look if you have some time, and let me know if you have any suggestions!

July 17
Start at Terry Fox Monument in St. John’s, NL, ride the Irish Loop along the southern coast, and stay in St. Mary’s, NL. 198km / 3h05m

July 18
St. Mary’s to Gander, NL. 328km / 4h22m

July 19
Gander, NL to Corner Brook, NL. 358km / 4h09m

July 20
Corner Brook to Channel-Port aux Basques. 219km / 2h36m
Ferry departs at 3:15pm and arrives in North Sydney, NS at 7:45pm.
Stay in North Sydney.

July 21
North Sydney to Port Hastings via the Cabot Trail. 354km / 5h53m

July 22
Port Hastings to Halifax along the southern coast of Nova Scotia. 358km / 6h32m

July 23
Halifax to Borden-Carleton, PEI. 390km / 5h50m

July 24
Borden-Carleton to Saint Peter’s Bay. 366km / 5h54m

July 25
Saint Peter’s Bay to Borden-Carleton. 429km / 6h59m

July 26
Borden – Carleton to Edmundston, NB. 550km / 5h51m or

July 27
Edmundston to Montreal via Quebec City. 570km / 6h44m

July 28
Montreal to Toronto via Ottawa. 602km / 7h44m

July 29
Toronto to Parry Sound via Niagara Falls. 463km / 5h23m

July 30
Parry Sound to Sault Ste. Marie. 464km / 6h17m

July 31
Sault Ste. Marie to Marathon. 410km / 5h36m

August 1
Marathon to Thunder Bay. 298km / 4h01m

August 2
Thunder Bay to Kenora. 482km / 6h24m

August 3
Kenora to Brandon, MB. 433km / 5h19m

August 4
Brandon to Swift Current, SK. 605km / 7h10m

August 5
Swift Current to Banff, AB. 637km / 7h14m

August 6
Banff to Cranbrook, BC. 279km / 3h59m

August 7
Cranbrook to Nakusp. 374km / 5h10m

August 8
Nakusp to Kelowna. 246km / 3h57m

August 9
Kelowna to Vancouver. 387km / 4h33m

August 10
Vancouver to Victoria. Ferry leaves hourly. 114km / 3h02m

August 11
Victoria to Port Alberni. 195km / 2h58m

August 12
Port Alberni to Tofino. 124km / 2h41m

August 13
Tofino to Horseshoe Bay. Ferry every 1.5 to 2h. 263km / 6h13m

August 14
Horseshoe Bay to Whistler. 102km / 1h33m

August 15
Whistler to Kamloops. 299km / 4h18m

August 16
Kamloops to Nakusp. 311km / 4h30m

August 17
Nakusp to Golden. 253km / 3h49m

August 18
Golden to Jasper via the Parkway. 310km / 4h31m

August 19
Jasper to Edmonton. 365km / 4h12m

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