Just over one week to go!

From something that started out as a small idea back in March, this has grown into something that is way larger than I ever imagined, and will be something that I’m definitely never going to forget.

Throughout all the planning, this seemed like something that was miles and years away, but this week when the bikes got shipped out from Edmonton to St. John’s, things got very real! Dad and I also realized that if we actually want to get our motorcycles back, we’re going to have to fly out to St. John’s and ride them back… yeah, this is happening!

The bikes shipped out on Tuesday morning, and will be heading down to St. John’s via truck. They’re on the way to Toronto first, and then will switch carriers and be taken out to Newfoundland to be dropped off out there for us. They look to be crated nicely, so hopefully they’re in one piece and not all banged up by the time we get there.

The other good news is that the tshirts arrived today! Just a giant box of red shirts that pops and I will be wearing across the country. The photo above is the front, and here is the back:

The planning for the send off event at Kelsey’s on Monday July 9th is also rolling along nicely, and my family has been a huge help in getting items for the silent auction… there are even a few things that I’m likely going to bid on! Hope to see you there!

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