Day 11: Quebec City to Montreal

After finishing breakfast at the B&B right in old Quebec we headed off for Montreal. Luckily there weren’t any incidents like the t-bag falling off, etc, like yesterday, and we made it here in one piece.

Downtown Montreal

We lucked out and our hotel room was on the 18th floor, so we had a great view of the downtown area. Speaking of the downtown area, holy smokes was it ever an adventure getting to the hotel from the highway! Dad almost got run off the road by a guy in a truck, and then the tunnels and off ramps were an absolute rodeo. Luckily the little Garmin kept us going in the right direction and we made it to the hotel without too much screwing around.

Station des Sports Montreal

After checking in we went downstairs and found a sports bar where we had a bite to eat and a few beers. This place was dirt cheap, and had the biggest patio area that I’ve ever seen. They apparently love their patios out here!

No pictures of the bikes today as we pretty much just gunned it from Quebec City to Montreal, with only one stopover at a truck stop for a little food. Here are today’s points of interest:

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