Day 17: Wawa to Thunder Bay

Slept like a rock in Wawa after all that Polish food, and we got another early start on the day as we had quite a distance to travel in a defined period of time. The weather was supposed to be absolute garbage today, but somehow we lucked out and didn’t see much more than a little bit of mist.

Uphill behind a semi, at 30km/h… wtf

The road between Wawa and Thunder Bay was scenic, but I think that the most beautiful part of the ride was wrecked by three semis in front of us, going 30km/h up some of the hills… I’ve NEVER been behind a truck going that slow up a hill before, and man did it temporarily ruin things for us… luckily we managed to get around them after only 10 minutes or so, but still it made it really hard to take in the scenery when you were in first gear the whole time.

Monst at the Terry Fox Monument in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Hey! Monst found another Terry Fox monument! This unfortunately is where Terry Fox’s journey ended all those years ago, and to commemorate his efforts this monument was erected just off the highway. Apparently there was a big hoopla about moving it when they were adjusting the highway, but I don’t see how or why this should be moved. Anyway, Monst enjoyed making his 3rd appearance in Ontario!

Dinner with the Thunder Bay MS Society

Thank you so much to the Thunder Bay MS Society for hosting a little get together and dinner with us. I hope you enjoyed hearing our stories, and thank you so very much for dinner! We really enjoyed meeting everyone!

ps, check out how white my legs are in that photo… yeah they don’t get to see much sun compared to the old arms…

My MS shoelaces are getting dirty

The MS shoelaces that I’ve been wearing since day 1 of this trip are getting dirtier by the day, and I don’t expect them to be very bright red by the end of this. I really should have taken a picture of how clean they were on day 1 instead of day 17.

Today was the half way point (day 17 of 34), and I can’t believe how quickly it’s going by! It’s been a great fundraiser so far, and I’m really looking forward to the final 17 days of this event!

Here are today’s points of interest:

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