Day 20: Winnipeg to Brandon

Winnipeg was fun, but it was another one of the quick in and outs that we’ve gotten used to along our way. This morning we ate breakfast, and got to wash the bikes before heading out from the Fairfield Inn and Suites who so kindly comped our room for the night! Two nights in a row with freebies is a huge help!

So for the whole trip I’ve been leading, but I think that since my dad is originally from Brandon/Winnipeg, he decided that he would lead on the highway today… timing couldn’t have been better as somehow his saddle bag opened up as we were ripping down the highway!

Check out the glove that just blew out of his saddlebag

Luckily it was only that glove that blew out of there!

Look at that stupid bag hanging open!

I caught up and said something along the lines of “kind sir, your bag appears to be open!” to get his attention… 😉 Apparently his buddy Jack has this problem often, so he was laughing a little bit that it happened to him now.

Anyway, as you can see the weather was pretty fantastic today. Too bad it was such a short rip from Winnipeg over to Brandon! Though it looks like it’s going to be nice for the next few days as we blast along the prairies.


Once we got to Brandon we got to see our family! I haven’t seen everyone out here in quite a while so it was great to catch up, and scarf some deadly BBQ. Thanks Airdabukhan and family for hosting us!

Monst and Granny!

Monst got to meet my 96 year old granny! 🙂

Granny biker!

And then granny decided that she wanted to join in on the ride! Haha well not really, but she had a hoot sitting on dad’s bike and getting a few pictures taken! Good for her!

Thanks for everything here in Brandon, and it was great seeing almost all of our family out here in Manitoba! Off to Saskatchewan tomorrow!

Here are today’s points of interest:

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