Day 21: Brandon to Regina

We had dynamite weather today as we passed into yet another province.

Just beautiful riding weather!

Check out these blue skies! The weather has been great this side of Winnipeg, but of course with the prairies comes the bugs… check out those two in the top right corner of the camera lens!

And now check out my pants…

Just an insect graveyard!

My jeans managed to stay pretty clean all the way from Newfoundland to Ontario, but wow in just one day they pretty much turned into an insect graveyard! I have a few red marks on my shins from the larger ones that decided to kamikaze me at 120km/h…

Had a pretty funny but crappy moment after we got gas today, as it got so hot that my gas tank started overflowing on me, and the gas was spraying up onto my face. I was riding along thinking that the bugs were getting bad or something with all these drops I kept feeling on my face, but once I looked down at the tank and saw all that gas gushing out of there I realized what was going on there! Luckily I had some napkins to soak it up and prevent any more from spilling all over the tank, onto my jeans, and splashing onto my face.

Being interviewed by Global Regina

Upon arriving at the hotel I got interviewed by Global Regina who was very interested in hearing about my journey and they plan on showing it on tonight’s 6pm and 10pm newscasts. I think that it’ll be available online too, so when it is I’ll post it up here.

Oh, here it is! Skip up to the 7:30 mark:

For dinner we went over to the Creek Side Pub & Eatery for pizza. It was nothing like Gondola in Winnipeg, but really, what can compare? Still, it was good and the right price. Post dinner we hunted down the harley shop here in town so that dad can hit it up first thing in the morning. His bike is brand new, and it’s time for his 16,000km service. Hopefully he can get it done tomorrow morning and not delay the long road to Calgary by too much.

Speaking of which, tomorrow at 764km is going to be the longest day of the ride. Hopefully the weather network is wrong with their thunderstorm prediction or that’s going to be one long mother day!

Today we passed the 8000km mark, and tomorrow will bring us pretty close to the 9000km mark!

Here are today’s points of interest:

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