Day 26: Kelowna to Vancouver

There was a little logistical problem with the laptop being at a different hotel last night, so thats why this update didn’t happen last night…

In Kelowna we stayed at the Siesta Suites, and I’d definitely recommend that hotel to anyone going to Kelowna. We were provided the largest room that we’ve had so far on this trip, and it was close to everything that we wanted in the city.

It was another scorcher in the morning, but once we got on the Okanagan Connecter Highway, we cooled down to the point of goose bumps due to all of the altitude gain. That was my first time on that highway, and the scenery was dynamite. Actually the whole rip from Kelowna to Vancouver was great as we passed by Merritt and stopped in Hope for lunch.

Erin filming us ride from the back of dad’s bike

We also got to enjoy the Abbotsford Air Show from the highway. Quite the sight and sound when seen from a motorcycle!

The only bad part was the bridge construction just east of Burnaby… it was almost painfully hot, and we were stuck in first gear for almost an hour. The bridge looks like it’ll be a gooder though once they finish it!

With the construction slow down we barely had time to drop our stuff off at the hotel before heading over to The Eatery for some of the most interesting sushi that I’ve ever had. Excellent ordering by Adrian, Toby, and Laura!

Adrian leading the way for a little while

Post dinner we headed over to Doolin’s where Shane took care of us nicely. It was great to see him again after all these years, and also good of Brent, Toby & James to show up and have a beer with us. Oh yeah, I won an Avengers comic book as a door prize for successfully popping a balloon… you had to be there!

Here are today’s points of interest:

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