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Day 34: Jasper to Edmonton – The Final Leg!

On the home stretch!

After 34 days on the road, it was time to head home!

After enjoying the breakfast buffet at our hotel in Jasper, we gassed up, and made our way out of beautiful Jasper National Park towards Edson. As with the last few weeks of the ride, the weather was great, and we cruised along nicely through Hinton and into Edson.

Once in Edson we met up with members of the Blue Knights Edmonton Metro Chapter, and our 6 man wolf pack had now exploded into a 19 man pack! We had a quick lunch and coordinated the game plan, and we began the BK escorted 200km home stretch into Edmonton.

Just outside of Edmonton we met up with our police escort, which was provided by Edmonton Police Service West Division members. Erin was lucky enough to be able to ride in one of the cars, so she snapped a few photos of us as we we’re escorted through the city:

Garry Crawford of the Blue Knights leading the escort

Proud dad rolling into town

Adrian rolling into town

Blue Knights Edmonton Metro President, The BEEEEEEEEEG

Being escorted into the city by the Blue Knights and EPS

The escort from a different angle – good photography Erin!

Pretty impressive!

Crossing 111av on Groat Rd

Almost to the finish line!

I drive a police car for a living, but was still blown away by the police escort that we had into the city. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for Adrian or some of the other riders who aren’t police officers or who have been retired for many years.

Once we got close to the Legislature grounds, we made a brief stop off at the bottom of the hill by the Royal Glenora so that Erin could be taken up to the gounds prior to our arrival. Once she was there, we we’re given the green light to head up the hill…

Being saluted in by EPS members

We also got piped in!

I’m glad that I was wearing dark glasses as I rode up that hill because as soon as I heard the bagpipes and saw the salute I got pretty emotional. The successful ride coming to an end, combined with the salute, pipes, and seeing my family and friends again made this something that that I’ll never forget.

The final few feet of the ride!

Being welcomed back by C-Bear!

My little nephew C-Bear was first to come and give me a hug. Sorry buddy if I squished you a little bit as I picked you up! haha

Shortly after getting off the bikes the media frenzy started…

Pretty popular guy hey?

Erin joined in on the media festivities

I think every TV station and newspaper was there to greet us and hear the story of the ride. I’m glad that I’ve received so much coverage:

CTV Edmonton: Edmonton father, son complete cross-country ride to raise MS awareness

It was a ride that took them across the country raising money and awareness for multiple sclerosis and on Sunday, an Edmonton police constable and his dad rode back into Edmonton: mission accomplished.

Edmonton Journal: Edmonton father, son complete summer road trip for MS

A family road trip for a good cause came to an end Sunday, when an Edmonton police officer and his dad were welcomed home at the legislature.

Global Edmonton: Edmonton police officer rides across country for M.S.

An Edmonton police constable is back home after riding across Canada, fundraising for multiple sclerosis.

Global TV Edmonton: MS Rider Back Home (Video)

Edmonton Metro: Edmonton police officer cruises cross-country for a cause

Upon arriving home from a 34-day motorcycle trip across the country, Edmonton Police Service Const. Christ Anderson was greeted by a police escort, officer salute and much appreciation Sunday.

Our HomeTown: Edmonton’s Finest Cruising for a Cause

On Sunday, Aug. 19, an EPS constable will roll into Edmonton after riding for 34 days and nearly 12,000 kilometres across Canada on a fundraising tour for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

St. Albert Gazette: Motorcyclist on final leg of cross-country ride for MS

Every year the MS Society of Alberta hosts several popular fundraising bike tours, all somewhere between 150 and 200 kilometres. Chris Anderson must have thought that they didn’t go far enough to help fight the debilitating disease of the central nervous system. So he got on his motorcycle and embarked on a ride from sea to sea, and back home again.


Once we finished the interviews, we had a chance to say hi and see our friends and family that we had missed while on the road. We also had another 50/50 draw, and the winner “ONAWING” was nice enough to donate his winnings back to the MS Society!

Now for some stats:

MS Ride Stats – That top speed CAN’T be right! (Thanks for the GPS unit, GPS Central!)

Total distance travelled: 12,695km / 7888 miles!
Total money raised for the MS Society of Canada: $20,870
Total out of pocket cost to me and dad: ~$9,253

I’m very happy with this because we raised more than we spent to do this. We had some people question along the way if we were spending the money raised on this to fund our trip, and the answer is no. That $9,253 came out of our own pockets, and the $21,070 raised went directly to the MS Society of Canada. $9,253 is a lot to spend, but the return on investment, both monetary and in awareness, is invaluable.

I’d like to thank everyone that made this event what it was. I can’t name everyone as I’d need another 50 pages for this post alone, but most importantly I’d like to thank my dad Dave for joining me from coast to coast, Adrian for tackling the final third of the ride, Erin for being the inspiration for the ride and for all the funny texts along the way, and my mom Sharon for all the work she put in to coordinate the finish line event! Couldn’t have done it without you!

This is the final blog entry for the MS Ride. I’ve met some wonderful people, seen our beautiful country from coast to coast, and have hopefully made a difference in the fight against MS.

Thank you for following along, and stay strong.


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MS Ride Finish Line

After over 12,000km on the road, we’re almost home! Please join us at the finish line on the south grounds of the Alberta Legislature near the concert shell. We’ll bee arriving at 4pm on Sunday August 19th, so please come down at 3:30 to scoop up some 50/50 tickets and practice your cheers! The last 50/50 netted someone almost 300 bucks, so be sure to enter, and be there to welcome us back from this journey to raise funds and awareness for MS.

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Day 32: Vernon to Banff

This morning was a repeat of yesterday as dad woke up and took off early, and left poor Adrian and I to fend for ourselves in the hotel. Unfortunately our sleeping in plan didn’t work out that well as there was far too much yelling and door slamming going on in the hallway. Aside from the door slamming, the hotel was great, and we’d like to thank the Prestige Hotel and Conference Center in Vernon for putting us up for the right price last night. I’d definitely stay at that hotel again.

Breakfast at the hotel was great, and upon getting gas we hit the highway. Traffic was pretty heavy on the way up to Sicamous, and we got stuck behind some side by side semis for a while… “Kind sir, please move over!”

Speaking of that, being that it was a Friday, apparently all rules of the road went out the window as people were driving slower in the passing lane, and we even had a few vehicles deliberately attempt to pinch us off at the end of passing lane opportunities. It was just ridiculous!

Rogers Pass on a beautiful day!

As you can see from this picture at Rogers Pass, the weather was dynamite again today, and we didn’t even have to consider putting our jackets on. The temperature was hot, but tolerable and didn’t feel like we were riding on the sun like we were yesterday.

The tunnels were also a good time today. Traffic was heavy again, and we ended up slowing down to about 50 at one point while inside a tunnel… of course I dropped er down to 2nd gear, and I’ve never heard so much hilarious backfiring since I’ve had the bike. I turned to smile at Adrian and all I saw was him buckling over in laughter. Thought the poor guy was going to crash!

Just outside of Banff we passed the 12,000km mark! My initial estimate of just under 12k for the entire trip is obviously a little bit off.

Once we got to Banff I had a little surprise as my rear brakes were gone… I don’t know what happened to them, but it’s a little bit different riding around without a rear brake. I’m going to see if I can take care of it tomorrow before we leave (maybe just bleed the lines or something as the pads are ok), but if not I’m sure I’ll be able to make it back to Edmonton with just a front brake. Going to have to adjust the riding style a little bit to compensate.

Tonight is the 2nd last night of the trip. Looking forward to being able to sleep in my own bed again on Sunday night when we’re back.

Here are today’s points of interest:

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Day 24: Banff to Nakusp

I finished up yesterday’s post saying that we had a quiet night in Banff, but after pressing the publish button, Adrian and I decided it was time to throw a pizza on top of all the sushi that we had for dinner. We got our usual Aardvark pizza creation, and demolished an extra large pie before finally hitting the sack.

The morning started off slower than most so far on the trip, as we leisurely got up and went for breakfast. Phil and Jack had to head back to Edmonton, so our temporary six man wolf pack was now back down to four.

You want the road to go where? Right through that mountain?

The weather was dynamite, possibly the best we’ve had so far as it was sunny and clear, and not disgustingly hot. Traffic also wasn’t too bad, and we had a great ride from Banff to Nakusp.

Stopping for a break

We found a nice little place to stop for a break along the Trans-Canada. We rode with our jackets on up to this point as it was still pretty chilly in a few areas, but after this break it was all short sleeves and lots of sunscreen.

We stopped for Lunch in Revelstoke, and ended up rushing a little bit as we wanted to try and catch the earliest ferry. We rode down to the ferry without hitting much traffic at all, but when we got there we found out that the schedule was all messed up and it wasn’t a sure thing to get a ferry on the hour anymore. We waited for 2 to go arrive, one of which basically got filled by a fuel truck that budded to the front of the line. Luckily the attendant on our end ushered us up to the front of the line for the second ferry so that we would get on for sure. Thanks for that!

The Trans-Canada Highway near Golden, BC

Being first on the ferry meant that we were also first off, and had a pretty clear ride down through the twisties towards Nakusp… other than running into that stupid fuel truck again for about 5 minutes before we could pass.

Once we got to the hotel, Adrian made me laugh by just blurting out, “Your face needs to see some soap.” I looked in the mirror and didn’t see much, but then once in the bathroom under stronger lights, I saw how grubby my face and neck was! The combo of sticky sunscreen and road dirt made for a hilariously dirty “this guy.”

We went out to the Leland Hotel patio for some dinner and drinks, but unfortunately they were sold out of everything that we wanted food and drink wise, so we moved over to a different pub for some dinner. They we’re kind enough to have everything on the menu available, and also the local honey beer in stock as well.

Today was a great day, and I think that Erin really enjoyed herself. She also took some video of the ride today, so hopefully I can edit it and upload the video here shortly!

Here are today’s points of interest:

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Day 23: Calgary to Banff via Red Deer

This morning we enjoyed the best french toast in the world, at the Delta Calgary Airport. Berries, syrup, fluffy french toast… so damn good! Dad, who’s been eating for 62 years now, said that was the best french toast that he’s ever had… something to behold I tell ya!

Our initial route was to take us the short distance from Calgary to Banff, but we instead took the long way, way out of the way, up to Red Deer to see the central Alberta MS Society! Bre Fitzpatrick was on board with the MS Ride from the get go, and has been a great support for me as I started to plan this ride. She even sent me the red MS laces that have been getting oh so dirty in my boots as I ride across Canada.

Central Alberta MS Society and my family

We met at the Gasoline Alley A&W, and we’re greeted by media and members of the Central Alberta MS Society along with people affected by MS. We had a great time talking about the war stories from the road over a nice lunch. It was great to see my mom and nephews who made the trek down from Edmonton to see us as well!

The good news, as was already posted earlier today, is that Erin was feeling up to it, so she decided to join us from Red Deer down to Vancouver! She hopped on the back of dad’s bike, and along with Adrian who is also joining us as of today, we are now a 4 member, 3 bike team heading out to the west coast! AWESOME!

Managed to make it to Banff nice and dry

There were a lot of threatening clouds, but we managed to make it down to banff nice and dry, all while Adrian and Erin getting a little sun on their faces to match the wicked sunglasses tans that dad and I have. Adrian still claims that he doesn’t burn, but I have to dispute that one as he has some sweet lines forming already.

Beautiful Banff!

Once we got settled into our hotel in Banff we went out for Sushi and a quick beer before calling it a night. Also in Banff tonight are my dad’s best friend Jack, and Phil Filipchuk (one of our generous sponsors), so our little harem grew from 2 to 4 to 6 in a matter of a few kilometers. Unfortunately Jack and Phil won’t be following us into BC, but it was still nice to catch up with them in Banff!

Today we passed the 9000km mark!

Here are today’s points of interest:

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A special message from Chris & Erin

As you can tell from reading the blog, we’ve had all kinds of weather, and all kinds of different experiences while out here on the road raising funds and awareness for MS. My sister, Erin, just sent this little message and photos in to pass it on to everyone:

Chris, I was thinking that you might be getting tired of dealing with crazy drivers, intense weather and road conditions, unexpected hiccups along the way, loss of equipment, bugs etc. I just wanted to remind you why you are doing this ride and how much it is appreciated. These are pictures from when I was in the hospital last summer. Unable to walk, unable to feel my body. Being diagnosed was a scary time and this was hands down the worst experience of my life. Not knowing if I would ever regain feeling or be able to walk again. Having to rely on others to help me with even the simplest of tasks. Thankfully, though it took some time. The right treatment got me turned around and I am walking again! Last week I received the 13th infusion of my new drug and am doing for the most part, not too bad. Thank you for pushing along despite the challenges and doing this for Canadians with MS, as we will ALL benefit from your efforts!! Thank you and keep on Rollin!!!

So how about some great news now?

Erin is hopping on the back of Dad’s bike today in Red Deer, and joining us as we make our way down to Vancouver! It’s awesome that she’s feeling good and can join in on this ride, not just see pictures of her Monst showing up in random locations!

As for donations, we are currently at $13,653.00, which is 68% of the $20,000 goal. Thank you so much to everyone that has donated so far, and for those that haven’t yet or are still considering it, please do and help us find a cure for MS! Click here to donate now!

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Route Planning: Not-So-Rough Draft #2

Ok I’ve tweaked the route quite a bit from what I had last time, and I think that this will work out better. Going to be in the bigger cities on nights when hopefully we can get together with the local MS Society chapters. The distance is about 500km shorter on this plan, but it still covers off everything nicely. The links below will bring up google maps with the route. Google broke it into 3 parts…

Total Distance: 11,940km

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Route Planning: Rough Draft #1

I’ve thrown together the first rough draft of the route, which will likely be modified as I look at it more. Right now I’ve just picked a basic route, and I’ll tweak it after discussing with dad and a few others who’s input I value. As the route stands, its 12136km give or take a bit. Anyway, have a look if you have some time, and let me know if you have any suggestions! Continue reading »

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Shipping Has Been Finalized

I’ve sorted out shipping for the bikes, and they’ll be on a truck in early July so that they’re ready to go for us out in St. John’s, NL on July 16th. It’s definitely not cheap, but regardless it’s for a good cause so I’m ok with the cost.

Now, it’s time to sort out flights. Searching right now, it looks like there are two options. Leave Edmonton early in the morning on the 16th, and arrive in Newfoundland late at night, or take the red eye and get there in the morning of the 17th. Both have benefits… I’ll keep checking to see if new flights are added or if the prices change.

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