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Day 8: Charlottetown to Shaw’s

The forecast for today was for doom and gloom, but the morning actually starte off pretty decent for us. We ate breakfast at the Cranford Inn (which was excellent by the way), and headed straight for the car wash. The trees outside were dropping these sticky little orange seeds or something onto the bikes, and they were pretty much caking the bikes by the time we got out to them in the morning.

While drying the bikes off at the car wash, a guy named Neil came up to us and asked if we were riding across the country for MS. This media attention is really paying off as people are starting to recognize us in each city we get some coverage!

Upon washing the bikes, we headed out for the far east end of the island, and had some great weather to start off with!

Riding toward PEI’s East Point

The weather was still awesome when we arrived at East Point.

PEI’s East Point

When we got out to East Point, it was hilariously windy, or W.A.F. as we called it last month up in the bird. We sat and ate our snacks provided by the wonderful ladies at the Cranford Inn, all while trying to not get blown into the ocean.

Check out dad’s hair for an indication of how windy it was

I decided to put on my rain pants before we left the East Point as it looked pretty nasty out to the west, but dad decided to risk it… luckily I pulled over about half way to Shaw’s and suggested we put on the rest of our gear as I could just feel the rain coming… and good thing we did as we got pounded again all the way to the Shaw.

Getting rained on between East Point and Shaw’s

Tonight we’re staying at Shaw’s Hotel in the north end of PEI, and we absolutely love it. This is the oldest inn in Canada, dating back to 1860, and we just had the best lobster supper that I’ve ever experienced. Dad says he’s on a sea-food diet here, but I think it’s a see food┬á(and eat it) diet ­čśë

Anyway, Shaw’s is magnificent, and hopefully we can check out more of the property in the morning if the rain lets up.

Here are the points of interest for today:

On a side note, I don’t have a picture of them, but when I see the giant windmills here in PEI, I instantly think of the tripods from War of the Worlds. Anyone else?

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Day 7: Halifax to Charlottetown

This morning we were lucky enough to meet up with Tim Dunlop and his team from the MS Society Atlantic Division for breakfast. It was great to meet everyone, and thanks so much for the giant card and gifts. We really appreciate it, and we’ll definitely remember how you cheered us on as we left Halifax/Dartmouth.

The MS Society Atlantic Division

Brianna admiring Dad’s bike

Tim commenting on how comfortable my bike is

Lisa was worried she was going to wreck my bike somehow

Laureen and Whitney with dad’s bike

Before fully departing the area, we took an eastern shot to Cole Harbour (home of Sidney Crosby), and out to the location of Sunnyvale Trailer Park… well, at least where it was located. Looks like this wasn’t deemed a national park, or a Unesco site in time, as there is absolutely nothing left there but this fence to keep you out. Just a shame, but was still cool checking that place out while eating some chicken fingers, pepperoni sticks, and stirring my cut off 2 liter bottle drink with my hockey stick.

Sunnyvale Trailer Park… or what’s left of it.

Post Nova Scotia, we took a small dip into New Brunswick before heading over the Confederation Bridge into Prince Edward Island. We heard rumours that it can be quite windy on the bridge, but we had no trouble as the size of the walls on the sides kept the ride smooth.

Upon landing on PEI, it was like we entered a whole new world. The landscape and houses were like nothing that I’ve ever seen before. We feasted on some massive “lobster supper” and I don’t think that I’m going to be hungry again for a few days… especially since I threw 3 pieces of pie and a strawberry shortcake on top of that 2lb lobster that I crushed.

Anne of Green Gables’ House

I cant really remember the story well, but we still decided to stop off and check out Green Gables since we were here. I had no idea that this area had been made into a national park. I guess it makes sense to preserve this though as it’s a big piece of our history. Unfortunately the information area was closed when we arrived, so I couldn’t pick up any┬ásouvenirs, but this photo will definitely suffice.

Upon returning to Charlottetown we met with Nigel Armstrong of The Guardian, and as I type this, our story has appeared in their online news.

Here are today’s points of interest:

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