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How far is it across Canada?

So how far is it across Canada? I know my starting point is in Edmonton, but let’s figure out how far it is from end to end on the Trans Canada Highway.

From the mile 0 monument in Victoria, BC to mile 1 in St. John’s, NL, it appears to be approximately 7,300km. It also looks like there are different variations of what is considered to be the actual highway, according to this Wikipedia map.

I don’t know which route that I’ll end up taking, but it’s still a good indicator of how far it is from coast to coast. Currently I have 35 days (which very well could be shortened) to make the trip, so if I’m just riding that portion, I can estimate approximately 208km per day. In another week or so I’ll have a pretty good idea as to how many days I’ll actually have. If I do end up having the whole 35, riding the whole country and back again at 416km/day is pretty realistic.

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