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Day 3: Gander to Corner Brook

We finally saw some sunshine today! We woke up pretty early since the weather forecast for Gander looked like garbage, windy and rainy, so we took off after a quick stop at Tim Hortons for some breakfast sandwiches. The forecast said that we might see some rain, but I’m happy to report that today was our first rain free day of the ride!

Wolf Cove

My Dyna at Wolf Cove

After posting this picture of my bike at Wolf Cove, I had a facebook comment asking if I’d lost my dad already. The answer is no, not yet haha. Anyway, Wolf Cove was a good find as the scenery was beautiful, and we lucked out finding it as we caught a few guys on an Ultra and Night Train ride off the highway down the gravel road into the cove. We followed, and found this cool little place. Too bad we didn’t have any supplies…

Wolf Cove

Dad enjoying the scenery at Wolf Cove

After leaving Wolf Cove, we found the most expensive gas we’ve seen so far on the trip, a shocking 144.1 per liter… sheesh!

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in Corner Brook

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in Corner Brook

Upon landing in Corner Brook, we found that today was the start of the East Meets West Summer Expo! We enjoyed ribs, beans, and buns for $6, as well as some delicious Black Horse and Blue Star’s. We also saw the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary trotting by.

Screeching In

Got “Screeched In”! We’re Honorary Newfoundlanders now!

And what trip to Newfoundland would be complete without being “screeched in” and made an Honorary Newfoundlander? Huge thanks to the Boland family for taking us out to their neck of the woods for a traditional swearing screeching in! And thanks for the help reciting “‘deed I is me ol’ cock, and long may your big jib draw!” I’m sure we would have had to finish that bottle without your help!

Monst & Screech

Monst also got screeched in!

And in case you were wondering when Monst was going to make his next appearance… Yeah, he also got screeched in! Poor little fella passed out immediately after that shot though!

Coast near Corner Brook

Coast near Corner Brook

Thank’s so much to the Boland family for taking us for the screeching and for a little tour of your town. See you tomorrow at breakfast!

Boland Family

With the Bolands in front of some Dorys

And here are the points of interest from today’s ride:

Any spelling errors? That’s just too bad… this is post screeching in… 😉

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Day 2: St. Mary’s to Gander

Dad giving the thumbs up as we left St. Mary’s

Breakfast at The Claddagh Inn was dynamite, and they sent us on our way with plenty of Energy to attack the highway back toward the Trans Canada Highway, or the T.C.H. as it’s written on signs here.

As we left St. Mary’s, it was overcast for the most part, and we again went into a little bit of fog… luckily this time it was only for a few minutes, unlike the long stretch we had yesterday.

We caught a little rain!

Unfortunately the decent weather didn’t last long as we had rain on and off along the T.C.H. on the way up to Gander, NL. My rain suit kept me dry, but still it’s not the ideal riding conditions.

While in the Hotel Gander, I was a little surprised to have someone ask, “Are you Chris?” Their daughter in Winnipeg had been following along the ride, and mentioned that we were going to be in Gander tonight. As chance would have it, they were having dinner at the same hotel, and recognized our shirts! Thanks for the cash donation that will be added to the total soon!

We also tried to find a place to get us “screeched in,” but unfortunately we weren’t able to find anything… tomorrow night in Corner Brook is going to be our last chance… hopefully we can get it done before we leave the rock!

Unfortunately the weather limited my photo taking to ZERO today. Hopefully tomorrow is nicer and we can get some decent shots to show you! The video is still rolling though (the above stills are pulled from the video), but I’m having a hard time getting them edited here on the road. I think I’ll have to tweak a few things in iMovie as importing one single file to edit shouldn’t take 45 minutes.

Here are the points of interest from today’s ride:

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