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Day 7: Halifax to Charlottetown

This morning we were lucky enough to meet up with Tim Dunlop and his team from the MS Society Atlantic Division for breakfast. It was great to meet everyone, and thanks so much for the giant card and gifts. We really appreciate it, and we’ll definitely remember how you cheered us on as we left Halifax/Dartmouth.

The MS Society Atlantic Division

Brianna admiring Dad’s bike

Tim commenting on how comfortable my bike is

Lisa was worried she was going to wreck my bike somehow

Laureen and Whitney with dad’s bike

Before fully departing the area, we took an eastern shot to Cole Harbour (home of Sidney Crosby), and out to the location of Sunnyvale Trailer Park… well, at least where it was located. Looks like this wasn’t deemed a national park, or a Unesco site in time, as there is absolutely nothing left there but this fence to keep you out. Just a shame, but was still cool checking that place out while eating some chicken fingers, pepperoni sticks, and stirring my cut off 2 liter bottle drink with my hockey stick.

Sunnyvale Trailer Park… or what’s left of it.

Post Nova Scotia, we took a small dip into New Brunswick before heading over the Confederation Bridge into Prince Edward Island. We heard rumours that it can be quite windy on the bridge, but we had no trouble as the size of the walls on the sides kept the ride smooth.

Upon landing on PEI, it was like we entered a whole new world. The landscape and houses were like nothing that I’ve ever seen before. We feasted on some massive “lobster supper” and I don’t think that I’m going to be hungry again for a few days… especially since I threw 3 pieces of pie and a strawberry shortcake on top of that 2lb lobster that I crushed.

Anne of Green Gables’ House

I cant really remember the story well, but we still decided to stop off and check out Green Gables since we were here. I had no idea that this area had been made into a national park. I guess it makes sense to preserve this though as it’s a big piece of our history. Unfortunately the information area was closed when we arrived, so I couldn’t pick up any souvenirs, but this photo will definitely suffice.

Upon returning to Charlottetown we met with Nigel Armstrong of The Guardian, and as I type this, our story has appeared in their online news.

Here are today’s points of interest:

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Day 6: Troy to Halifax

As we were at a B&B last night, we were up early to get the first shot at breakfast, and to get an early start on the day. For some reason I thought we had a super long ride to Halifax ahead of us, but once checking the GPS, I realized we had a pretty decent ride, and had a lot of time to spare. That meant that we could check out Peggy’s Cove!

My bike near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

I had no idea what I was looking for when we started heading for peggy’s cove, so I stopped right here to take a picture of my bike in front of what I thought was the best landscape that we’d be coming across… I was wrong…

Peggy’s Cove, NS

What a sight! This picture alone doesn’t do it justice, but you kind of get the picture (no pun intended, as my dad would say). Anyway, we had a good time climbing the rocks and checking out the whole area.

Here I am standing next to the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove

I couldn’t get the bikes into a good position for a picture, so you’ll have to take this picture of me next to the lighthouse as proof that we actually made it there. Yeah, that silhouette standing there is me.

While at lunch today, our server told us that her sister had been diagnosed with MS not too long ago, and then a few other people that we met at gas stations and also at Peggy’s Cove mentioned that they had siblings or relatives that had the same. They thanked us for what we were doing, and were happy to hear that we’ve raised over $12,000 so far for MS. Hopefully they’re reading this and will pass on what we’re doing to their loved ones affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, it’s probably time for…

Monst at Peggy’s Cove

Monst decided to make an appearance at Peggy’s Cove!

Once we got to Halifax I met up with an old friend who took us to a local bar called The Maxwell’s Plum right in downtown Halifax. Best nachos I’ve ever had, and a massive selection of beers to go along with it (60 beers on tap!)

We also reached our 2000km mark as we wound along the road to Peggy’s Cove. 2000 out of 12,000 doesn’t seem like much, but it’s sure going by fast already!

Here are today’s points of interest:

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Sunnyvale Trailer Park

What visit to Nova Scotia would be complete without checking out Sunnyvale Trailer Park, the fictitious park used in the final three seasons of Trailer Park Boys? Unfortunately it looks like all the buildings have been torn down and taken away, and all that remains is part of a burned up mental hospital. Still, I think as a huge TPB fan it’s my duty to stop by with some pepperoni, chicken fingers, and maybe a cut off cola bottle drink stirred with a hockey stick.

I wonder if it’s closed off to the public?

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