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Day 19: Kenora to Winnipeg

Thanks so much to Rob and Craig for the wonderful accommodations last night at Kendall House B&B in Kenora! The house is beautiful, and we really appreciate allowing us to stay for free last night in support of what we are doing.

Our last photo in Ontario

We took many photos while in Ontario, and this is the last one. Thank’s Rob for taking the last, and actually the only picture on the Nikon of the day!

As we left Kenora and crossed over into Manitoba the skies started to darken, and I crossed my fingers that it wasn’t going to get nasty again.

Incoming storm…

We thought we could beat the storm to Winnipeg, but unfortunately…

We got soaked… again…

Luckily my rain gear is pretty good so I only got a little bit damp, but dad’s jacket was having issues and he got absolutely drenched! My glasses did nothing but fog up, and of course it was raining so hard that when I lowered them in attempt to reduce the fogging I took a few 100km/h rain drops right off the old eyeballs… man did that sting! But hey, it’s all part of the experience!

Our first stop was at my aunt and uncles house in Selkirk for a quick visit, and to get our laundry done. Somehow we managed to make it this far recycling all of our clothes… in dad’s words, “Forwards, backwards, inside out forwards and backwards.” Gross! Anyway it was a good chance to dry off and see some family that we hadn’t seen in a while! Thanks for lunch!

Upon reaching the hotel I took a nap to recover from all of the late nights and early mornings, we headed out to the East Kildonan Gondola Pizza on Henderson Highway. That area is my dad’s old stomping grounds, and I’m sure it brings back good memories for him. Anyway, we want to send out a huge thank you to the couple that took care of our tab when they overheard us talking to the waitress about MS Ride!

Also check out my coverage in today’s Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal.

Here are today’s points of interest:

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Day 18: Thunder Bay to Kenora



The balding tire was getting to be too much, so I ended up popping into Thunder Bay Harley Davidson to get a new tire. Thanks so much to Terrible Ted and his team for taking care of me quickly and for the right price! I really appreciate it!

Terrible Ted and Steve Lychowyd

Thanks to you too Steve Lychowyd for sweet talking Terrible Ted into a deal!

Just prior to leaving Thunder Bay I ran into a work buddy from back home in Edmonton. Couldn’t believe my eyes when he started walking towards me from the gas station saying something like “look who it is!” Good to see you bud!

At Steve’s advice, we took the 11 instead of the 17, and even though it was the longer route, it was well worth it! No semis, barely any traffic, and wonderful scenery. We got burned while we ate lunch in Fort Frances though as our phones connected to AT&T on the USA side of the nearby border… dad twisted a little bit thinking that he was going to get in trouble at work for the roaming fees, but we noticed it soon enough and prevented too much damage.

After leaving Fort Frances the sun came out and we rolled along nicely until dad got sunscreen in his eyes. We pulled over when it was sunny, and before we knew it, it was clouding over so we raced to Kenora to get checked into the B&B before the thunder storms started.

Kenora before the storm

As I type this, Kenora is being smashed by one heck of a lightning storm/monsoon. Hopefully all this equipment survives the walk back to the B&B!

Here are today’s points of interest:

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