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Day 14: Toronto to Niagara Falls & Back

This morning started off with me coordinating where I was going to buy a new tbag and gps cradle. I found some places, and also lucked out by finding a guy on kijiji that sold me the 35mm lens that I was after for a while. The lens came in handy today as we ventured out to Niagara Falls…

On the way there we almost both got run over on the 407. Here we were, riding closely staggered in the center lane, when some guy in a smaller SUV decides to start cutting in behind me out of nowhere. I had to accelerate so that he didn’t clip my back tire, and then looking in my mirror I see dad hammering on the brakes so that he didn’t get shoved into the semis in the next lane over. Shocked as to what’s going on, I take a look back and guess what… the guy gives ME the one finger salute!? Anyway, we made it out unscathed… and to the guy that almost took us both out, have a nice day.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls was everything that I hoped it would be and more. I’ve travelled the world, and everywhere I’ve been people asked if I had been to Niagara Falls…¬†embarrassingly¬†I’d have to say no, but today I finally got to see this wonder.

Niagara Falls Rainbow

Niagara Falls Rainbow

As we drove in I saw the first side of the falls and thought it was fantastic, until we continued down the road and came upon the larger falls and it just blew my mind. I’ve seen smaller waterfalls before, but the mist, the rainbow, the sheer size of this place was definitely something that I wont forget.

Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls

Just awesome…

Niagara Falls on the Canadian side

We didn’t want to have to deal with rush hour traffic going back into Toronto, so we stayed at Niagara Falls for a few hours and just absorbed the wonder of it all. The well timed ride back went by like a rocket as we didn’t have to slow down once on the QEW or Gardiner Expressway.

Yonge Street Toronto

Once we got back into the city we went out for dinner and then a beer at Jack Astor’s. In my previous visit to Toronto I checked that place out, and fell in love with it. Why don’t they open one out west already?!

We also passed the 5000km mark today!

Here is today’s points of interest:

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