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Route Planning: Not-So-Rough Draft #2

Ok I’ve tweaked the route quite a bit from what I had last time, and I think that this will work out better. Going to be in the bigger cities on nights when hopefully we can get together with the local MS Society chapters. The distance is about 500km shorter on this plan, but it still covers off everything nicely. The links below will bring up google maps with the route. Google broke it into 3 parts…

Total Distance: 11,940km

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Route Planning: Rough Draft #1

I’ve thrown together the first rough draft of the route, which will likely be modified as I look at it more. Right now I’ve just picked a basic route, and I’ll tweak it after discussing with dad and a few others who’s input I value. As the route stands, its 12136km give or take a bit. Anyway, have a look if you have some time, and let me know if you have any suggestions! Continue reading »

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How far is it across Canada?

So how far is it across Canada? I know my starting point is in Edmonton, but let’s figure out how far it is from end to end on the Trans Canada Highway.

From the mile 0 monument in Victoria, BC to mile 1 in St. John’s, NL, it appears to be approximately 7,300km. It also looks like there are different variations of what is considered to be the actual highway, according to this Wikipedia map.

I don’t know which route that I’ll end up taking, but it’s still a good indicator of how far it is from coast to coast. Currently I have 35 days (which very well could be shortened) to make the trip, so if I’m just riding that portion, I can estimate approximately 208km per day. In another week or so I’ll have a pretty good idea as to how many days I’ll actually have. If I do end up having the whole 35, riding the whole country and back again at 416km/day is pretty realistic.

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