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Day 16: Sudbury to Wawa

Breakfast at the Artisan Upstairs Guesthouse was great, and we were happy to see that it was going to be sunny to start off the day. Our plan was to rip to Sault Ste. Marie to meet a friend from back home for lunch, but he ended up golfing in the states and couldn’t meet us anymore. Once we got that news, we just took our time… Took our time because of the construction! Good thing we weren’t on another tight schedule.

Just like yesterday, the scenery was beautiful, but what set today apart was the weather. No jacket from morning to night, and of course tonnes of sunscreen.

My bike in front of Lake Superior

I’d heard that once you head north from Sudbury that there is nothing, and I guess it depends on your definition. If you are looking for nice little places to stop off for a pop and some gas, you’re right, there is nothing! There is a lot of nice scenery though, and luckily the distances between gas stations and cities was just right so there were no worries for us.

Texts more than me!

It was kind of a good thing that there weren’t many places to stop as it was hotter than… what’s a good adjective here… fill in the blank yourself, it was HOT. And yeah, that’s dad texting away in the heat.

As we were closing in on Wawa the sky started getting ugly, but luckily we made it to the motel before the rain started. Also lucky to find that there was a pretty good Polish restaurant right across the highway from our motel. Unfortunately no Spiritus though.

It was a long day of riding, and tomorrow will be the same as we head towards Thunder Bay. It’s supposed to be 16 degrees tomorrow afternoon, which makes no sense when it was 30 today, but we’ll see.

Here are today’s points of interest:

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Day 15: Toronto to Sudbury

So we managed to leave Toronto without being run over or being flipped the bird…

The weather went sideways on the 400 north as we headed to Barrie though as it started raining up, and hailing sideways! It was so bad that we had to pull over, and we weren’t the only ones as other vehicles on the road had to pull over as well due to the high winds and zero visibility! I tried to hide under some trees to wait for the insanity to stop, but that didn’t work as it was raining and hailing through the trees.

Arriving in Barrie!

The 15 minutes or so that we pulled over meant that we were late for the noon lunch meeting I had set up with the Simcoe County Chapter of the MS Society in Barrie. Even though we were about 20 minutes late, we were still greeted with a large group of representitives from the chapter, community members with MS, television cameras and reporters, as well as a newspaper photographer! The support we received courtesy of the Simcoe County Chapter was phenomenal! Thanks!

With members of the Simcoe County Chapter, A&W staff, and community reps!

Unfortunately not everyone could stay around for lunch and the photo (mostly since we were late), but we still had a great time at A&W in Barrie. Along with everyone already mentioned, it was very nice to see MP Patrick Brown greet us as well! Thank you for the warm welcome and support everybody!

Riding north from Barrie to Sudbury

The scenery from Barrie to Sudbury was amazing, and I think that this is the start of the Canadian Shield? Man I can’t remember my elementary school geography anymore… Regardless of whatever it was, the rocks that lined both sides of the highway were amazing. I enjoyed seeing all the little Inuksuk that people built along the side of the road and atop the rocks. Maybe Monst is interested in building one somewhere along the route?

We caught some more rain as we continued north, and by some I mean a LOT more. It’s funny how we could see the wall of rain in front of us… see it… see it… still dry… see it… WHAM! SOAKED!

By the time we rolled into our B&B in Sudbury we had dried out a little, and it was sure nice to be able to take off all the rain gear and go out for dinner. Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a sunny day, so hopefully the rain gear can stay packed away now for a while.

Here are the points of interest from today’s ride:

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The Big Nickel

Apparently there is something called The Big Nickel in Sudbury, ON. The Big Nickel monument is Sudbury’s famous nine-metre high tribute to nickel and Sudbury’s significance as a world mining centre. First opened on July 27, 1964, it has been dismantled for refurbishing once, and has since been moved onto a plain pedestal with the original rocks being disposed of.

Might be something interesting to see?

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